Tuesday, April 26, 2011

January 26, 2011 -chat

Mom was able to chat with Elder Waite while he was on the computer.

me: Camden, this is amazing. How come you can't see any of your emails if you are on your aggie mail?
Cam: I just signed in and this little window is all that came up. pretty legit
me: Wow, Has the mission president asked that you not tell us where you live because we live so close?
Cam: No, I just keep forgetting, its 5313 Ridge Hollow Way, Kearns, UT
me: How are you doing? Are you homesick at all? Mariah is at Aunt Amy's and wanted to make something to drop off on your doorstep, but we wouldn't want to do anything to disrupt your mission.

Cam: I'm great, that would be way cool if she wanted to do that. (he gave me his phone number here, but I deleted it so as not to pass it around)

me: I am sure that we won't call. We want to be obedient, but good to have. I don't know if she will have time before she comes home. It is 11:58. Do you need to go?

Cam: no we got here at around 10:40 we still have a while.

me: Where are you?

Cam: we might go soon but we might as well keep talking
i am in our church building, we have a family history center with computers. it is a stake center on 6200 south, you can probably see it on lds.org sorry 5200 south

me: I am talking to dad on the phone right now. Dad wants you to know that he sure appreciates your birthday letter that you sent him. He was very happy to read it. He is sorry that he has not written more lately, but he will do better.

Cam: That's ok, its to bad it was late

me: Were you able to write a longer email? I am feeling guilty that I get to talk to you and there won't be much of a letter to read to the family.
Your letter came the day after, on Monday, so it wasn't very late.

Cam: ya I'm writing one right now, but it wont be much, I'll write a letter later, I like doing this more

me: We went to the temple last night for ward temple night. Do you get to go at all? It surely is a wonderful place to be.

Cam: I haven't been since i left the mtc, we can go on pdays in the morning but its hard to find a ride, we'll probably go next week i hope

me: I have just printed the last couple of letters from Josiah, Keaton, and Cody. Is it too much to read? I want you to have mail and I think it is neat for you to be able to read about other missionary's experiences, but I don't want to take time away from other things you should be doing.

Cam: no I have time to read them. thanks for sending them, i like them.
our area is from 5600 West to Bangeter Hwy and 5415 south to 6200 south

me: Janie is sick right now. She has a VERY runny nose. She wipes it every few minutes. You should see the pile of toilet paper she has collected this morning.

Cam: the church building that we meet at on Sundays is on 5415 South and about 4620 West

me: How is your Spanish coming? Do you really get to use it a lot? Do you speak Spanish with your comps? Do you go to just one ward on Sunday, or is that church where all of your area meets. Is is a Spanish branch?

Cam: oh poor Janie. its coming better, we used it lots the first week together but now we only talk in Spanish with natives, but i can tell its getting lots better. we only go to one meeting, it is a combination of two stakes to make a Spanish ward. it starts at 1

me: That makes more sense. You already mentioned that your ward is a combination of two stakes, and I was very confused. Of course that makes sense now when I realize that is is a Spanish ward.
How are your comps at the language? I am surprised that your mission president doesn't ask you to speak Spanish together.

Cam: its a legit ward, really strong...
E' P is a native Spanish speaker E' Ruth is pretty good but i hope to be better that he is right now when i have 18 months

me: Once you get to Mexico it will come much faster. What time is your appointment? I want to be on my knees praying for you when you get there.
Cam: I am supposed to be at the mission office at 130 i don't know when the actual appointment is. thanks I hope everything works out.

me: Will someone come pick you up? Do you ever ride the bus? Do you see your mission president much?

Cam: Yes a member from the ward usually drives us around. I am getting to the office with the ZLs, but a senior elder will probably take me to the consolate. we don't see our mission pres much, but he came and payed us a surprise visit on Sunday... that's another story. so I've actually only seen him twice

me: oh no! was your apartment a mess? will you tell us the story in your letter? was it another story good or bad?

Cam: No it was all clean and everything, yes I'll tell the story in the letter, it was great for me, but not for either of my comps

me: How do you really think the mission president would feel about Mariah dropping something off on your door step? I just can't stress enough of our desire that we all be obedient.

Cam: I don't know, i don't think he would care to much, as long as we didn't see each other. that would be cool if we did though

me: Make sure that you tell the story. Now I am really curious. I am glad that it was great for you. I woke up in the night two nights ago and thought, "What if Camden is not as good of a missionary as I think he is?" I layed there and worried for a few minutes, then a very peaceful feeling came over me and I knew you were being a good missionary. I am so very proud of you. I hope you know how we are counting on you to work hard and to be obedient.

Cam: I'm trying:) so how is life at home. what is the latest on Mariah's relationships? did Hannah get the part she wanted?
well I've got to go, I love you!

me: I love you too. good luck today. I am so proud of you. Mom

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