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March 23, 2011 -email

March 23, 2011

Hello Family,

Well how is everyone doing? This email is pretty tough to write. I've been thinking about what I am planning on saying since Monday, (that was when I found out the news). About 1 in the afternoon on Monday we were teaching a lesson to Hilario, I'll tell about him later, and the assistants called, they came out here to Salinas, it was pretty tough for them to tell me about what happened with Aunt Amy, it was also tough to hear. They gave me permission to print off the letter from Dad so I could read it later. The fact that I would really never see her again in this life didn't really hit me until that night after I had read what Dad wrote to me. I've been thinking about her a lot lately and the things that I remember most about her was her laugh, how she loved to joke around and like mom said, the family gatherings. It was really tough to hear the news and it really didn't sink in for a while, I'm not sure that it really has even now, but it’s sort of been a motivator to work a little harder to tell people of this knowledge we have that we will be able to see our families again after this life. I sort of did the same thing you guys did Monday, I read some scriptures and conference talks, It was really good.

A little about Hilario, he is legit, 80 years old, he's been smoking his whole life and stopped after our second visit. He is having a little more trouble to stop drinking coffee, mostly because he doesn't see what is wrong with it. Once he makes up his mind to do something it happens, but it takes alot to convince him... especially when he doesn't see the bad in something. He is really legit, I can’t really understand alot of what he says because his accent is so thick and he talks really quiet. We have been praying for him to recognize that he shouldn't drink coffee. We'll see him later tonight, I hope he has good news for us.

Mom, I got your package!!! Thanks, it was legit, I loved the valentines stuff. and I'm pretty sure everything was there. I don’t know if Mariah is getting my emails, but I haven’t got anything from her. So if you could I would appreciate it if you could forward her emails to me.

I hope everything is going well for you guys. I am doing great, getting a little fat. I have to keep up eating the same food as a Tongan. We had Zone Conference yesterday, it was a great experience, and the meetings here always help me get refocused once again. I can’t wait till the next one. Sis Romney made us brownies, not to different from the ones at home.

I love everyone, and I'm thinking good thoughts about you all.

Love Elder Waite

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