Saturday, February 26, 2011

January 19, 2011 -emails

Dad, Mom, Mariah, Hannah, Maren, Hallie, Sadie and Jaine,
Thanks for doing that for me. If you haven't sent that money in the mail already you don't have to, just put it on my card. If you have thats great, I prefer using cash, I am more concious of what I spend when I do. I forgot to mention last time that I am in a tri-panionship, they didn't know where the bank was because they have cards to use and their money is dirict deposited. Having the addresses will help lots.

Uncle Caleb sent me an email about possibly meeting up with them, I guess Pres. Miller isn't really excited about that but he said maybe we'll get to see eachother before I leave, but not right now. That would be really cool.

Holy cow, I had now idea that that many of our visa waiters have left already, that made me a little excited, and pretty nervous also. I am happy to be here and I feel like whatever happens is meant to be as well.

Sounds like things are as busy as usual, I hope everything is good. Hannah, what part in the musical did you get. It would be legit to chat, I hope I can get it figured out. I don't know if it will work but I know that Mark chatted with Hyrum on his mission, so it should.

We are living with a older couple, the Bonnisons, I'm pretty sure Sis. Bonnison is crazy but Bro. Bonnison is cool. They served a mission in Virginia and know Uncle Ethan and Aunt Georgia and would be tickled if you sent me their phone number so they could chat it up with them sometime.

Anyways, I'm going to try to send you a little more later, but I need to do some other stuff now.

Elder Waite

Yes I still have your debit card. I'm going to leave it up to you to do what you want with the money, I'm not to worried about it, whatever happens I have both mine and your debit cards. I have $50 in my emergency travel cash wallet(that sounds dumb but I really do have one...) Maybe you could just send another $50 so that I could have the 100 that I'm supposed to, and then put the rest on my card. I have about $30 until I'll start using my card for different stuff. I hope that makes sense.Its crazy what a small world it is, and how many people know people from somewhere. We don't spend to much time with the Bonnisons, just when we are passing through to go to the basement and when we are cooking food. We usually say hi when we get home, but we sort of have different schedules so we don't have to see them, which is nice. Sis. Bonnison doesn't like us very much, we can tell it was Bro. Bonnisons idea to have us move in. We think he just needed some relatively sane people to talk to every once in a while. I'd like to get to know him better, he is a gun lover and retired from the army.

We are not in the same bedroom, I am out in the main room, I hope you can make sense of my drawing. I sleep on the futon. its nice to be alone out there, but i have to sleep where they can see them. we probalby walked 4 miles yesterday, but that was lots. we provide our own lunches and breakfasts, members feed us dinner. I don't have much time, I'll write you a letter this week

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