Friday, April 29, 2011

February 28, 2011 -email

Hello Family,

Happy last day of February. This is the end of the first full month that I have been in Mexico, I thought that was kind of cool. March should be a good month for both me and you, a little sad in the middle for you guys because Mariah is going to leave but that's just how it is. There are always two good parts of March, the first and the best is the fact that its ol' Ruby’s Birthday!!! Happy birthday, I hope you have a good one. The next best part about March is the steer weigh in, I don't know why I remembered this but I did, so good luck with that Hannah (if you are still planning on doing one), I hope you get a good one.

Well no matter what happens life still goes on at home, I think I'm losing track of time and seasons(mostly because there aren't many seasons here, just hot, at least that's what I feel like lately, two weeks ago I would have shouted no! to that comment. I think it’s because we do the same thing all the time. Sundays don't even feel different. I have some other news for you also... I'm changing, I can't even sit down to eat without looking for the tortillas. It’s a good thing I like them.

I got a dear elder from Dad on Thursday, it was the one with jokes. I had an hour long bus ride to decipher it. I don't think Mexico and Dear Elder work very good together, but it was fun to get it none the less.

We have had lots of opportunities to teach this week, and I know that the people we teach feel the spirit because I feel it. I remember the scripture in the Book of Mormon about how all other churches were of the devil... I add my testimony to that also. The people here have a whole different view on God, Christ and the Holy Ghost. It has been another week of trying to get people to act, I think in the other religions there is a whole lot of not having to do anything. We aren't just teaching the gospel, we are trying to get people to change and actually do something. Hopefully the spirit will help them with that.

Thanks for everything.


Elder Waite

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