Tuesday, April 26, 2011

January 29, 2011 -email

Camden was able to get his visa and go to Mexico on the 28 of January. We were all SOOOO excited!!!! I think he was the most extited though(of course). He was able to call us at the airport and talk to us for a while before he flew out. That was so fun! He sent us this email the next day.

Dear Family,

I got here to Monterrey about 630 last night, I am doing awesome. Monterrey is sweet, I am already in love with Mexico. Today we´ll just have some orientation and then head out to our assigned areas, pretty quick. I´m so excited to finally be here. Don´t worry about me, i´m doing great. I hope you all are doing good also. Pres and Sis Romney are legit, I like their style. I havent had a taco yet.

Elder Waite

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