Friday, April 29, 2011

April 20, 2011 -email

Hi Family!
I am doing just great. The weather is rough, they say yesterday was 115 and today is about 110. I'm getting used to the heat and sweating 24/7. I take two showers a day, in the night I shower with mesh g's and just sit in on my chair with the fan blowing on me, it’s like a cheap air conditioning. I'm getting pretty tan, y'all would be pretty jealous, except I have a line on my neck...but it’s all good. I sent you some pictures, and I'll leave it up to you mom to get the ones off my email that I have sent to other people. :) Two are of the baptism and two are of me and my comp, the other we are painting the parents house of Hermano Fabian (our new branch mission leader).

Yes, we had a baptism this past week. Adrian, Brenda and Kevin, it was legit, I got to baptize Brenda, E Fotu baptized Adrian and Hno Fabian baptized Kevin. Hno Fabian and Adrian are brothers. The baptism went really well, about 70 percent of the people there were non-members, and I think the field is getting white ready to harvest. President Romney came. It was really powerful, lots of the sisters were crying. I hope because they were thinking of getting themselves baptized but maybe not, they might have just been happy because Adrian is starting to change. I can't believe the change I've seen in him, and Fabian. That might be the coolest thing about this work, getting to see the change in people. I honestly can see a physical change, it’s hard to explain but they just seem more happy, and just look clean. Seeing that is gratification at its best.

Yes I have gotten two of Mariah’s letters that she has sent to me, they came to our house, pretty quick. But I don’t think it’s the best idea that she sends them to the house, because who knows when I am going to be changed. (Changes are coming in three weeks) but it’s been really cool to hear from her. Usually they get here within two to three weeks. I don’t think I have had one more than 4 weeks late. I haven’t gotten any of the letters from Mariah that you have sent me, but I wouldn't stress to much about it.

I can’t believe Derek and Clancy are leaving. Wish them the best of luck, sometimes the mission is a rough road, I would appreciate it if you gave my best to the both of them. But on second thought they are probably gone already. That’s alright, I'll pray for them. That’s a cool story about prayer. I had a funny thing happen to me about prayer this week. We were walking down the road and the wind was blowing, I was thinking about my personal study(my favorite time of the day) and then I was thinking how I wasn’t sure that I said a prayer right as soon as I woke up, I came to the conclusion that I hadn't. At that same moment the wind blew my tie and it slapped me right in the face, and it actually kind of hurt. I took that as a message from the Lord to not let it happen again. That same thing actually happened about two weeks before, we were walking down the road after a lesson didn't go very good, I wasn't thinking about the people we taught in the best way because they were being really stubborn. At that same minute the wind blew and my tie slapped my right in the face. You may think I am joking, and even though it is kind of a funny story, in all seriousness I know that was a message from the Lord telling me to change.

Thank you all so much for everything you do. I love you guys!
Elder Waite

PS Read the Book of Mormon

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