Friday, April 29, 2011

April 4 & 11, 2011 -emails

April 4, 2011

Hey Family,

Well how are you all doing? We don't have very much time to write today, so I will have to be brief. A temple in Meridian? That’s pretty weird. We didn't get to go to the morning and afternoon conference on Saturday, but the Priesthood Session was legit. We took the father of the family (Adrian) that had plans to get baptized, and his father also (Victor). We got to watch it in English. After the session was over we went and stood in the font with them with MOTAB playing in the entire building and talked a little about baptism and how we knew God was going to be happy with them the next day. The spirit was really strong and it couldn't have been planned better which is why I am still confused at why they decided against it. They are going to get baptized this week so I guess it’s ok, we even invited Pres Romney. He likes to come when a family is getting baptized. I can't wait for it to come, mostly because I'm worried they still won’t feel ready. We are trying to work out their doubts.

To answer the question about the house, Paseo del Norte is a colony East of Salinas, if you head east from the plaza in Salinas and before you come to the highway (I think it’s called Colombia) there are lots of houses really close together, they share the same walls. It’s on the north side of the road, and there is a big chicken feed factory really close. I know those are really shady directions. I bet you will be able to tell the difference in the colony Salinas and actual Paseo Del Norte.

Anyway I'm glad to hear you are all doing good, and are safe.

Thanks for the sports update.

Elder Waite

April 11, 2011

Well Family, it’s going to be a short letter again this week. . .very short. P day is dia de descansa, but it certainly isn´t. We didn´t baptize yesterday, hopefully we will this week. But it’s going to take lots of prayers, just skimming through your email mom I read something about me having 6 months already, I thought I only had 5, I'm a little confused, going to have to my math later on tonight. Happy Birthday Hallie, sorry it’s a little late, good choice on the dog. Have you gotten any letters from me? The post office here is pretty shady, so maybe I'll have to start mailing stuff from Monterrey.

Thank you all for the prayers, testimonies, faith.
Love you guys
Elder Waite

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