Friday, December 31, 2010

November 11, 2010 -letter

Dear Dad, Mom, Mariah, Hannah, Maren, Hallie, Sadie, and Janie,
                Well a half an hour isn’t’ near enough time to tell you everything that has happened here.  I hope you got that E-mail.  I sent it with 1 second left.  Our zone has a reputation of obedience we have to keep so we have twice as many rules as everyone else.  Today is the only day we can write to anyone, so I’m pretty rushed to tell you everything.
                Yesterday Elder Holliday told me he got temporarily re-assigned, he is still waiting on his visa.  He is going to McCallen, Texas.  I’m pretty sure that’s where it is.  In the very southern part.  (Mom)  That should make you really happy to hear…  You’ll probably get to tell his mom before she even knows.   Maybe I’ll write it on the envelope for her so she can see it when she delivers your mail. *
                Elder Smart was sure happy to see me, I think I was more happy though.  We were in the store getting some paper.  I was standing right next to him for probably 2 minutes before I realized it was him.  All the sudden we both looked at each other and realized who we were… It was awesome.  He is still the same old Keaton.  I saw him again right as he was leaving and gave him another big hug... I hope Chile is nice to him! *
                Besides Elder Fe’ao my other favorite fellow district member is a body builder from California.  The three of us are pretty good friends.  His name is Elder Picket.
I have a favor to ask, if you guys could pray for Elder Robertson, my companion,  that would be good.  He is having a rough time, poor guy.
                 One of the best things about the MTC is we get to have legit people come talk all the time.  The past four weeks we have had four apostles come.  Tuesday Elder Bednar and his wife came, and Sunday Sister Dew came and talked to us.  We sang in the choir on Tuesday.  It was fun, and it was a really good meeting.
                I can’t believe how much we are already speaking Spanish.  We can contact people, pray and bear our testimonies already.  Basically we just speak Spanish all the time.  We’ve taught a few lessons to some people, they went really well.  I got really excited during one of them because the Spirit was there and I knew we were working together.  I was sad that they weren’t real.
This place is kinda weird, I can’t sleep but I’m never tired, and I’m proud to say I haven’t fallen asleep in class yet. 
                I’m doing GREAT! How is potty training Janie comin?  How are all the animals?  How much snow did you get? Where is Mariah going to go on her mission….?  I met an Elder here, he is in the room right by ours.  He is from Rexburg and got called to Pocatello.  So Mariah, Snowville East?
                Thank you guys so much for everything.  I love you and love to hear from you! I liked to get Grandma Waite’s emails also and Cody’s and Keaton’s.  Thanks for sending them.  Thanks for all the DearElders!  I love you guys so much.  Every time I say I have 6 sisters to someone it makes me happy. 
Elder Waite

*Sister Holliday is our mail-lady and she is also the mother of Wyatt, Camden's good friend.
*Elder Smart is a friend of Camden's from High School.

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