Friday, December 31, 2010

December 13, 2010 -email

Hey there Fam!

Hello, How is everything going? It’s so great to hear from all of you, thanks for all the Christmas cards and DE’s (especially you dad). I love to hear about everything the fam does in a day and what is going on at home. That little nativity set is the coolest thing around!!! I love it. I had to wait til this morning to get it from the post office because they were closed when I went to pick it up on Saturday, but it was worth the wait. The lemon bars were delish as well... however, I think that when a post man reads fragile on something he takes the liberty of not being nice to it like he should, but the taste of them was still the same. When I opened them and realized what they were I went and put them in the microwave and purchased a milk to drink while I ate. It was so good to have a taste of home. Thanks Sadie for helping Mom make them.

Things are swell here at the ol' MTC, we teach lessons to other missionaries and they are progressing investigators, the missionary picks a name and thinks of a person they know in their head and tries to be them so we can answer 'real' questions and see what really happens. It’s a far cry from being legit but it’s still kinda cool, we are having two baptisms this Friday, you can all come. I am also getting baptized on that day... my name is Corneilus and I am extremely intellectual. I am another investigator also, my name is Hugo (yes the Hugo in Peru) nobody has been able to baptize me yet. I kinda feel bad that I’m so tough on the missionaries but they told us to think of real people, and he is definitely real.

Elder Christensen is going to Adequipa, I told him to baptize the Yanque family.

I met some missionaries from Mexico, they say that Moterreyans are considered cheap. I'm not sure what that is supposed to mean but it made me more excited to get out there.

Last night we got to see the BYU Mens Chorus for the Sunday night fireside. It was sweet.

Not much time left, I love you guys. Merry Christmas!!

Elder Waite

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