Thursday, November 11, 2010

The First Letter (November 11, 2010 -email)

What we've been waiting for!!!!!
Elder Waite's first letter!

Hey there Family!!

I have been waiting for this time all week! The MTC is great, there is so much i want to tell you... I dont know where to start. Things were great right from the start, after I left you guys I went in and got my name tags, keys, ect.... Then I went and got my books and was taken to my room. Then we went to our class room and were told to read this huge black binder with all the rules. After everyone got to our room we all introduced ourselves and sang "Love One Another" in spanish. The spirit was so strong, right then I knew we were in good hands. We had class for a while and then went to dinner. I didn't meet my companion until after dinner... He is cool, his name is Elder Robertson, From St. George. He's kinda a goofy son of a gun but i like him.

On Thursday we met our Branch Presidency, and they called someone to be the district leader. Guess who it was... me! pretty crazy. Its a tough job, its mostly just glorified babysitting. I think we have a good district. We are all really close. Those first days until Sunday were pretty rough, but sunday was really good. I bore my testimony in spanish! It was pretty legit.

I really like our roomates. Elder Fe'ao (he is half samoan and half tongan... he's huge) and Elder Eyre. Me and Elder Fe'ao are pretty good buddys. Me and him haven't been sleeping very good. The second night we were here I was up around 3 and so was he, so we just talked for the rest of the night. That has happened almost every night since then, for some reason we both just don't really sleep very good. but its cool, when we talk like that he says "thanks for choppin it up with me". i love him.

I'm not sick anymore which is good, those first couple of days were rough but i survived!

I have learned a couple of things since ive been here...
1- I really need to work on my stupid face. when someone is talking to me in spanish i'm sure i look really dumb.. but i can't understand what they are saying!
2-I am really grateful for the holy ghost. Its great to have the spirit here all the time.
3- I really really love mail! Thanks to everyone for anything you send!
4- I am a really slow typer, my time is almost gone :(

I can't wait to hear where mariah is going on her mission! I can't dissagree more with sister cook now, the sisters have a great spirit and i love them! I saw Elder Smart and Elder Holliday and delivered both their packages.
I hate to ask you  something but could you send me some pictures? i dont have any and i especially want some of the fam
love eld

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