Friday, December 31, 2010

December 25 and 27, 2010 -letter

Dear Family,
                It is just after 6:00 on Christmas Day.  I just ate the sack lunch we were given to eat for dinner.  We have about an hour until we need to be back in the 19m for another devotional.  19m is the gym that we also have devotionals and stuff like that.  We’ve spent lots of time in there lately.  Christmas has seemed to sneak up on me once again this year just like every other.  When I woke up yesterday I didn’t even realize it was Christmas Eve, We’ve been singing Christmas Hymns since Thanksgiving maybe, no matter how much I want the Christmas Season to last longer and to get more out of it, it will never be enough.
                 I hope you guys had a fantastic time at Grandpa’s.  I hope you were able to get my package I sent you, and that you could open it for Christmas.  If not, you will all have a late present.  I listened to that tape, I loved it.  Thanks everyone for talking.  It was fun hearing your voices.  Janie sounded so different.  I think she is talking lots more.  Thanks for the pictures and that sweet tie and clip.  My companion liked his stocking and so did E’ Cox.  Me and E’ Christensen had our PEZ dispensers in the front pickets of our suits.  We got a lot of weird looks but it was cool.  So there are 2 other Elders here that I have got to be really good friends with, we are all really good friends but I really like these two: E’ Kay and E’ Farley.  E’ Kay, as I’m pretty sure I’ve already told you is from Swan Lake.  We talk about all sorts of farm stuff.  What we miss.  E’Farley is a rich kid, he lives by Deron Williams.  But his hear is in the right place.  We play a lot of Connect Four together, we are usually faster getting ready than our companions, so we play lots together.  It is my new favorite game.  I’m not sure why I just told you that except for the fact that I just beat him.
                Yesterday and today have been lots and lots of fun.  This might be one of the most different Christmases of my life up to this point. 

Well I wanted to write lots more on Christmas but we didn’t have time.  It’s Monday, I’m doing laundry.  We just got back from cleaning the Temple.  We cleaned in the cafeteria.  I was assigned a fridge.  I pretty much took the whole thing apart and put it back together after cleaning it.  It was lots of fun, mostly to not be studying.
                How was Christmas for all you guys, what did you all get?  How was Gpa’s house?  Christmas here was really cool, I already told you about some of it in the e-mail this morning but I’ll tell you a little more now. 
                I wasn’t particularly excited for the talent show but it turned out to be the highlight of my day.  I thought there would be tons of piano songs and dumb skits but no… I loved every minute of it.  Mostly what was done was guitar, magic stuff, jokes, piano stuff, but it was a really good serious-not to serious ratio.  After the talent show we all sang “The Twelve Days of Christmas” MTC style.  It was legit.  These were the things we said.  It’s pretty corny but true.  1 rock solid testimony 2 haircuts free, 3 new companions, 4 chocolate milks, 5 hours at gym, 6:30 wake ups, 7 lukewarm showers, 8 hours of rest, 9 vaccinations, 10 new commandments, 11 ?, 12 hours of class.  This was complete with actions.
                Before we ate lunch we were in the entrance part of the MTC looking at some of the pictures and statues in there, my companion turned to me and told me that someone who looked like either E’ Nelson or E’ Bednar just parked in the Apostles parking spot.  The whole MTC presidency was standing around so we just decided to act casual and see what was going down.  Sadly a security guy came up and asked us to leave, but we didn’t go very far.  It was E’ Nelson, it was pretty sweet.  We were the only missionaries in the whole MTC that weren’t surprised to find out he was speaking to us.
                Anyways, things are really going good here.  At the first it was easy to see my Spanish progress but for the next three weeks it was kinda tough to see but lately I have been getting lots better again.  It’s kinda cool to see.  Sometimes when I am speaking I think “How do I know this already?” and then I remember about the amazing gift of tongues. 
                So you might be getting a call home from me soon, but it will only be 5 minutes.  It’s not official yet but there is a good possibility we might be getting reassigned temporarily.  I am actually kinda excited about it.  I don’t even care if I am going to the Snowville mission haha.  We are supposed to know Wednesday at 4:00.  You guys could probably call Salt Lake and find out also.  I’m going to maybe record it on Arianna’s recorder.  Anyways we’ll see what happens.  I wasn’t going to tell you but you probably won’t get this letter til Wednesday anyway so I hope you probably won’t get too excited.  I love you guys!
E’ Waite

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