Friday, December 31, 2010

November 17, 2010 -letter

Howdy Fam!
                Well we got permission to do laundry today because we were running pretty low on our necessities, so I get to write another letter to you, hopefully the two this week make up for no email.  You wouldn’t believe who I’ve seen here, I was walking down the hall and I saw a lady that looked like she had been struck by lightning….   It was Mrs. Matthews!! (Now Sister Matthews)* I couldn’t believe it, I wanted to chat it up with her for a while, but we were in a big hurry so I couldn’t.  I have seen our relative, Elder Westover, we used to live in the same residence hall, not anymore, but we are still in the same building for class.  He didn’t know who I was at first, but he remembered after we got to talking.  There is an Elder Kay in our new district who is from Swan Lake, they live in one of the houses on the WS highway as you are going to Red Rock.  Dad, I think you worked with his g-ma at one point.  I’ve also seen Aunt Sara’s friend from Ohio who is teaching at the MTC.  It’s a small world!
                Mom, your food is amazing.  Food here isn’t bad, it’s just nothing like yours.  Everything has about six times as much sugar than it needs, I’m pretty used to it by now.
                Hey Jane! Thanks for your DE you sent! Do you still play with Mattie and that awesome cat with six toes?  Have you noticed if they miss me yet? I know I miss them… but not enough to come home!
                Thank you all for teaching me how to work.  Our new district is a bunch of rich city kids.  They have good hearts and I love them!
                We teach lots of lessons here, the hardest part is being serious, yesterday I taught a less-active named Paco de Esperanza, he insisted that every time we say his name, that is what we said.  It’s good and bad because that seems to be the only time during the day that we can really let our personalities show, but that also means there is too much personality.  I have learned so much just in two weeks.  The Espiritu Santo is the greatest blessing here and it is always with us when we deserve it, and when the spirit isn’t with us we are like lost little kids.
                I hope everything is good there.  I know it is, and if we ever think it isn’t then we are wrong.  The lord knows what’s good!  If only I could get my companion to see that….
                Thanks for the package!  Man, I love Werthers!  I am already half-way done with the Ensign!
                I’m not really sure who deserved the thanks here, either ma or pa, but whoever it is, thanks for giving me a huge neck.   I never realized that it was different than anyone else’s but apparently it is!  In both of our districts, everyone was always saying something about it, I guess I’m just disproportionate or something.  :)
                Anyways, I feel like I’ve said a whole lot of nothing in this letter, but whatev.  I can’t wait to hear where Mariah is going.  Her call will probably come today.
Elder Waite

* Mrs. Matthews was Mariah's, Camden's, Hannah's, and Maren's fourth grade teacher.

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