Friday, December 31, 2010

December 6, 2010 -email

Dear Family,

Santo Vacka!!! Japan?! Who would have thought, pretty sweet. Congratulations Mariah. That is so cool, sounds like you had a lot of fun opening it with everyone there, I'm glad you got some sweet video footage of that so I can see it. If we would have been making bets I would have guessed somewhere in Europe for sure, I guess it’s a good thing we weren't.

Thanks for the copies of poems and such, La Familia y El Cristo Viviento are legit also, I carry them around everywhere. I've already memorized both poems, and recite them so I can fall asleep at night.

Everything here is great. Yesterday I was made district leader again, it’s kinda weird because I'm sort of a transplant but I'm still excited. I am still with Elder Christensen, I get along with him fine, but sometimes he doesn't like to get out of bed so I'm pretty sure he hates me, I'm always turning on the light and talking loud right when I get up... poor guy. We teach really well together, he teaches very sincerely and is kinda soft spoken. We are at about the same level in Spanish so that's really good.

Thanks for all the DE's I love getting them and hearing about the cool thing you are all doing. Hopefully everything is good back home, all the animals are still alive and everything.

I love it here but I can't wait to get out in the field, I've gained two pounds since I've been here but it feels like ten. I am sleeping lots better, thanks for the melatonin, it works like a champ! The past two weeks we have only taught two lessons in English, all the rest have been in Spanish.

Mom I'll write that stuff you told me about in a letter as soon as I get the one you sent. Could you please send me Cody’s and Josiah’s address'?

I don't have much to write about this week. Thanks for everything you do I love you guys!

Elder Waite

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