Friday, December 31, 2010

November 16, 2010 -letter

Mother and Father,
                Well this week has been adventurous already and it’s only Tuesday.  Elder Robertson has been contemplating going home and was supposed to give his answer today.  He had decided he was going to leave.  So we went to one of the head honchos office that he has been talking to.  We have also been having lots of problems with disobedience in our district.  It was so bad that I thought three of the Elders were going to be sent home.  They just didn’t realize their purpose and take their calling seriously.
                President Bertasso is the man we have been talking to.  He has been deciding what is going to happen with the district.  When my companion told him he was going home, he realized that it would be lots better if we were in a better district that would be a better example and have a better spirit.  So we were transferred.  My P-day is now on Monday so you won’t be getting an e-mail from me on Thursday.
                I am doing well, I really love this here.  I just opened a Dear Elder from Janie.  It made my day!  Dad, thanks a lot for the DE you sent me, guess what!!!  I watched part of that meeting you told me about!  I love you guys!  Sorry I haven’t been saying much, the only purpose of this letter is to inform you about our transfer. 
Elder Waite
PS-I have been sleeping lots better, and the food isn’t bad either.  I can’t wait to hear where Mariah is going!   Our new mailbox # is 177

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