Friday, December 31, 2010

December 20, 2010 -email

Greetings from the MTC! How is everything going? Are y'all excited for Christmas? I know I am. I got a huge package full of presents, thanks. I haven't seen Elder Cox yet, I was hoping I'd see him yesterday but no. So who is going to get the Noel Prize this year? Have you already decided? I've been thinking about who should get it, and like usual I can't think of just one family, so good luck with whatever you decide.

I've really enjoyed the stories you sent Mom, and so have some of the other Elders in my District. They will probably get more used today because the temple is closed, so for the two hours that we usually go there will just be spent in the dorms. Next week we'll get to clean the Temple, I'm pretty stoked for that. However that also means that depending on the day we leave I won't be able to go to the temple again...

It’s been a good week. Elder Christensen and I rocked it steady by getting 54 Key Indicators, the best in our zone in two months. Key Indicators are just our numbers of how many lessons we taught and how many investigators we have we really worked hard. One thing I've noticed since being here is how much time we have in a day, and when we plan good how much more we can get accomplished. It’s weird but when we have five or ten minutes to spare, and we don't do anything, I start to feel guilty for not using that time a little better. I guess it’s good that this is a learning experience.

Elder C says hi and thanks for the Christmas stocking. I say hi and thanks for mine also, I've opened the CTR ring and the Gold Fish already. The CTR ring is great, it doesn't fall off my finger at all... in fact it’s sort of stuck on. It’s not really stuck, but I jammed my finger last night and my finger is huge, so I can't get it off. That’s alright, I really like it, I love to spin it.

Espanol is awesome.
Love Elder Waite

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