Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Novemer 16, 2011

Hello Family!!!

How are you all doing?? I'm pretty good. About the house... it is on the street ART. 123, in-between the streets M. Barragan and Jose Justo Corro, if you are going north on ART 123 it is on the west or left side right after you cross M Barragan. It is the second house, there is a house right on the corner and we are the one that follows it. It’s mostly just white from above - you can see our mini orange tree that is ripe right now. Hopefully that helps when you get on Google Earth. I sent you pictures of the house and the church (it’s really nice) and of the baptism we had on Sunday (Miguel, he is pretty cool but has some problems, just like everyone else. He was a reference from his Grandparents).

Yes, I can still send stuff with Sis Romney to be mailed when she goes to Texas.

Well, I'm sort of in a stupor of thought right now, for some reason I can’t think of anything to say. It started because I was trying to remember something I was going to tell Mom that she asked me last week. I can't remember... I bought some new shoe laces today. Both of my shoes needed new ones.

The Temple was great this week. I think I like going because every time I go I realize something different. The thing is, up to this point I have just been happy because I feel like I am hearing better the Spanish, but today I was thinking about all the times I have realized something different and I thought it was because of the Spanish, but it might have been revelation... I'm still a little confused and if not a little disappointed in myself for not acting more on the revelation that I have received. It’s a good thing that happened to me either way.

I had some legit revelation this week. We were talking to Santiago (he is getting baptized on Friday) and he strait up told us he didn't want to get baptized, and he thought the Catholic Church was right. We spent what seemed like a long time talking about his doubts without getting anywhere. All of the sudden I thought about using the scriptures (or better said, the spirit put it in my mind) that I should use the scriptures, so I went for the Bible. I was about to pull it out of my backpack when I had the feeling: what are you thinking you fool, the Bible is just going to confuse him more and you don't even know it that good. So I pulled out the BOM still not knowing the scripture I was going to use. The book fell open and he read Moroni 10:3-5 and as I was sitting there after thinking about what I should say he said, “pues yo se que su iglesia es verdadera” (I know that your church is true), and now he is getting baptized.

Elder Waite

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