Tuesday, January 17, 2012

November 28, 2011

Hello Family,

I hope you didn't have any questions for me this week. I just skimmed the email quick. As I was reading the past emails from you I realized I had for gotten to tell you about Vanessa’s mom, nothing ended up happening with her. We tried and tried but she doesn't live in our area, so then we finally just sent the other missionaries over there. She got pretty mad and told us another time that she didn't want us to talk about the church with her anymore. I think she was between a rock and a hard place because I know the husband doesn’t like us and got pretty mad at her when she gave the permission to baptize Vanessa.

We actually had the same sort of thing this week, we had this golden lady but the husband got mad and we left.

I am doing good. Here are pictures of the baptism we had, and a couple of other pictures.


Elder Waite

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