Tuesday, January 17, 2012

January 16, 2012

Hello Family,

How are you all doing? Today is the last day of the transfer for us. I'm pretty sure I'm not going anywhere and neither is my comp. The plan that they gave us is for two transfers and we only have one. I will be in this area for six months... a quarter of my mission. But I like it, the members are cool, my comp is cool. Sadly I don't have baptisms to report this week. We had two possible baptisms this past week, however they didn't feel ready and the sister is afraid of water. Willie and Guadalupe went to church with us and also a really old guy that sold me one of the oldest, coolest cameras ever for fifty pesos. We aren't sure if he wants anything but we'll see.
It was stake conference this week, It was really good, they did a broadcast from Salt Lake with Elder Rasband and Elder Oaks. Everything was great except they told everyone that it stated at 10 so we got there, started the meeting, and turned the projector on to see that the program would start in 55 minutes. Everyone just chilled there or left for a little while. Surprisingly they also talked a lot about temples as well. Thanks Mom for telling me about Sacrament Meeting and Dad’s talk on temples.

NO time:( As far as talking about me this week, I love these chapters of the Book on Mormon - Moroni 7 and Alma 41.

Elder Waite

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