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November 21, 2011

Hello Family,

I'm going to pull a ‘me’ also this week. (Camden wrote this replying to both Eve and Mariah’s letters for the week saying they were pulling a ‘Camden’ this week and writing short letters).

It’s been a good week. Martha got baptized - it was a really good experience with President and Sister Romney in attendance. We also ate dinner with them this week. Working with and teaching Martha has been a god experience. We didn't have to push her or convince her to live commandments or anything, it was perfect. Wednesday I was pretty worried because she still didn't know if she was going to get baptized or not, and we told her to read the BOM and pray. The next day when we asked her, she just said, “Dios me hizo saber que estoy lista y preparada para bautizarme este domingo ¿lo puedo hacer este domingo verdad? ¿A que hora va a ser? (God told me that I am ready and prepared to be baptized on Sunday. I can do it this Sunday, right? What time will it be?). It was so good to hear those words. We have had a couple other experiences like that that are amazing. The first time she heard about the word of wisdom she stopped drinking coffee.

We also found an old lady that is a member on accident. She is in love with an Indian (I can’t remember the name) and Poncho Villa. We were just talking to her and she asked for a blessing, we were about to give it to her when her daughter walked in. We ended up giving them both a blessing. While we were in the house I could feel their faith, but I could also feel how they had built themselves and their faith in a box. I have felt that way quite a bit on my mission. I'm still battling to not build myself into a box.

I feel bad that lately I haven’t been including very many of the experiences that I have like that with you guys, I'll share more of the spiritual stuff that happens.... but not today. I need to go. Have you got any letters from me? I've sent some by Mexican post. I'd hoped you would have gotten them by now.

Elder Waite

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