Tuesday, January 17, 2012

January 9, 2012

Hello family!

Thanks for the email, I really enjoyed it this week. This Feel Great in 8 team thing is interesting . . . I’ll be my own team. What do you get if you win? ¡Hechenle Ganas Hallie and Sadie!

We had a legit week. Uriel got baptized. He is the son of Francisco and Lydia. I hope to report that the parents get baptized this week. We had a legit dinner with President and Sister Romney. The baptism was especially good. I don't know why. Another Hermana named Lucy went to church. She is pretty much blind and deaf and doesn't understand me with my accent... I appreciate her faith. She has extreme family opposition.

The past 5 weeks I have been studying faith. It’s a pretty amazing thing. I think I'll compile my thoughts and send you something next week.

My comp is doing very well. I love training.

I also love you guys, have a good one.

Elder Waite

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