Tuesday, January 17, 2012

December 26, 2011

Hello Family,

It was cool to talk to you all yesterday. I was going to tell you more about our Christmas experience that we had on Saturday. We went over to some recent convert’s house. They were going to eat, and they were also planning on reciting and laying down the God Child (which is a Catholic tradition - usually in the houses you can find them laying down or sitting depending on the time of year). Anyway, we got there they were listening to music (worldly) and everything. We helped get the tables up and chairs set up and then they all sat down and the mom started saying the Padre Nuestro or the Lord’s Prayer. She had the necklace with the beads and cross with her little book and everything. There were two boys kneeling by the birth scene with the baby Jesus, and at certain parts of the things they were saying they would take the old clothes off, clean the doll (Jesus) and put new clothes on him. Everybody seemed to know what was going on except us. You could also tell the ones who really actually had faith in what they were doing and the ones who did it just for tradition (luckily the converts just did it for tradition, I was happy to see their faith in the Church and how they knew that this stuff wasn't right. I think this is one of the most confusing times of their lives. Just imagine having done something one way your whole life and when you get baptized eve rything changes. . .everything). I enjoyed being there and watching just to know what they do but it didn't really feel like Christmas. When they finished with all the beads and stuff they say, they passed out candles to everyone and from one candle lit all the rest then started a song that said something about all the sinners coming to Jesus, then they kissed the doll and crossed themselves. All in all it was really interesting to see all the stuff they do.

I am sending pictures to you - Christmas Conference, ones of the Elders that I came with, along with my gifts. Thank You!! And then comes the favor that I need to ask you. There is this lady that loves these little dolls, they have a special name but I don't remember, the girls probably know, anyway it would make her year if you could find the two that are marked in the picture and send them to her, or me. First she wanted to know the prices, if you could research it a little I would really appreciate it. I think that is all. Thank you for all you do for me. Is there snow at home??

I love you!!!

Elder Waite

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