Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Handwritten letter mailed December 10, 2011--arrived in Clifton January 16, 2012

December 7, 2011

Hey, how are you? I’m doing fine thanks, except it’s kinda cold. Yesterday we woke up to a little rain, but mostly it was just cold. It hasn’t frozen yet but it’s really close. Thank the heavens that we have a little heater here.

Yesterday was changes. Elder Riley left. I have a new companion, Elder Abbott, and I’m training! That was sort of a shock to me but I’m excited. I haven’t even been with him for 24 hours but I am having flashbacks to when I got here. . .I’m glad that’s over. I feel so bad for him. He seems like a really good kid. He is really skinny and short – it’s probably a little funny to see us together.

Right now we are waiting to go to district meeting. We are listening to the forgotten carols. I am starting to feel the Christmas spirit. I hope all of you are feeling the same.

Yesterday we had to go to the offices and I got a package from Aunt Amy!! I haven’t read the stuff yet, only up to the part that she said I had to wait to open the packages.

I sent you a package by our bishop who is going to Salt Lake for a couple of days. I was going to have you meet somewhere, however I think it would be a better surprise this way because you’ll probably get the package before this letter.

I just realized that today is D-day. Happy D-day.

I feel like the Lord has been giving our family a chance to simplify our lives through the stuff that has been happening lately. You guys are probably laughing at that, but it might be a little true.

Thank you for all you do for me, especially you Mom. I hope that you can all stay a little sane. I’m sure that you are all in a hurry like usual but I hope you can feel unified as a family. I feel unified to you.

There are commercials that the church has put on the TV for a free copy of Joy to the World, the copy of the movie made by the church. There are all sorts of people who just come up and randomly ask for one from us. It is one of the great tools that the church has provided for us lately.

It is an interesting time to be alive and a great time to be a missionary!

Elder Waite

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