Sunday, November 6, 2011

September 26, 2011

Hello Family!!

Happy peach season!!! I am a little sad that we are missing it. I guess I'll just enjoy it more when I get back. Thanks so much for the pictures that you sent. I loved them. I am sending you a picture of the recent baptisms that we have had - the two kids are Oracio and Karina. The lady is Janeth and the other picture is of her husband this past Sunday, I had the opportunity to baptize him. His name is Cesar Roman, he is a really rough character. He has tattoos and gave up doing a lot of things that were against the word of wisdom. The funny thing is that he is one of the people that were most ready for baptism when it came. As far as the question about the active baptisms, Maria and Martha are the only ones that don't go to church.

This is Elder Riley’s address: 212 west 100 north - right by the old tabernacle just so you can drive past and see his parents some time.

Pictures of the shoes: these are the ones that are from the Kater shop. I'm pretty sure that if we send a picture they will send us a new pair free but I'm not sure. If not I'll just buy some here.
Addition to the Christmas list: I don't know if you remember the blue addidas backpack that I have. I didn't use it much because I don't like it. I don't know where it is. I might have given it to Hannah. If there is nobody using it then I think I could use that. I don’t really care that I don't like’s pretty hard to be cool as a missionary so I wouldn't mind using it right now. If you are just dying to get something else for me I could use a season pass to one of the ski resorts near Rexburg for 2013.

It’s been a good week, pretty stressful. I have realized more and more how blessed I am to not have been born in Mexico. Cesar has been telling us lots of stories about growing up in the streets. There is some really bad stuff that goes down in Monterrey. I'm pretty sure he is still alive just to get baptized and sealed as a family. I really really like his family, they are just good people.

There is a picture of me, Elder Alonzo E. Toledo y Elder Puentes. We all lived together last transfer. There is also a picture of me trying on an overall.

I love you Guys!!!

Elder Waite

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