Sunday, November 6, 2011

October 24, 2011

Hello Family,

Mariana and Alan aren't really our priorities any more, but we had a really cool lady come to church yesterday with her 4 kids (who love us) her name is Irma. They are having a really tough time because the dad just abandoned them and went away (it is pretty safe to say he is not a very good person) and in all reality it is good he is gone but they are struggling with money. They have a good house and car but in one of the lessons we had the daughter prayed and sincerely thanked God for the food they had to eat. She loved church and is excited to see the primary program next week (another miracle - when she was leaving the church we invited her to come next week also, and I said that it was the program from the kids. But the thing was, I didn't know that it was coming up or anything, just that one lady had told me the kids had a practice for something during the week. Just another testimony of how the Lord works and tells the people what they need to hear through us).

Elder Riley is 99% sure he is leaving, next week. I'll probably tell you who is my new comp. Elder Riley will be missed. Hope you enjoy the pictures. I took out 1500 pesos from my account, the machine was having problems and I'm pretty worried about it. I didn’t want that much but now I’ll just save and not take any more out. I'm telling you this so that you can check my account because this is the first ATM that has given me trouble. I hope they don’t mess with my account.

I would enjoy to see Maren’s play. I hope you all are great.

I love you,
Elder Waite

PS - I've been thinking and reading a lot about my ancestors from the little stories that I have and would sure appreciate more little stories or big stories. If you find time you could just email them and I can print them here.

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