Sunday, November 6, 2011

October 19, 2011

Hello Family!!!

Well, I totally forgot about the Halloween Party even though I think you told me last week. I'm glad you all had fun. I had fun here just so you know... Actually this last week we were working our little tails off but sadly we had no immediate results of a baptism this week. Sorry I haven’t sent any pictures to you lately but there aren´t very many good places to write here that have the thing to send pictures. The shed looks sweet, I like the I beam Dad.

This week we are working with various people. Surprisingly, two of them are students; Alan, I'm pretty sure I already told you about, and the other is named Mariana. I think I like teaching students more than any other people - they are so much more involved in the lessons, they treat the homework like regular homework and actually do it. The only problem is they sometimes like to party on the weekends and wake up on a completely different side of the city. We almost dropped Alan because of that but we are going to give him a couple more chances. Mariana is an angel that doesn’t have those same problems but is loved by her family and is just busy a lot. We gave her a Book of Mormon in the first visit and have been teaching all of the lessons with it. This has been one of my goals to do in the mission, to teach every single visit with the Book of Mormon. Now we just need to keep following up.

I sent you a picture of a conference we had with Elder Johnson and I am also going to send the email from the mission last week because it has something cool in it about Elder Riley and I.

I hope the best for you all.

Love from Mexico,
Elder Waite

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