Sunday, November 6, 2011

October 10, 2011


I am glad to hear that everything is normal at home. HAPPY BIRTHDAY HANNAH!!!!! That's weird that you are 17, you'll be 18 when I get back home - even more weird. I hope you had a good birthday.

This is a really weird time of my mission for me. I think the hardest and weirdest times for me have been when I am about to hit a marker in time, for example, when I had six months time seemed to go slow. Sometimes I get the feeling that time just stops, or that it just doesn't exist. At this mile marker I am enjoying myself a lot more. I think I am enjoying this time the most that I have my whole mission. I love having gringo companions, we are both focused on the work and finally having results like they should be. The area I am in is golden, with a ton of golden people that have been baptized and are getting baptized. I hope Elder Riley and I stay together another transfer, who knows, we've got two more weeks in this one still.

We had a sweet baptism this week, Brayan and Jimena Vargas. They are really cool. The mom got baptized when she was a kid and we just started to talk to them. Brayan is pretty neat. We started talking to him and won his confidence helping him with his English homework. We were just talking to Brayan at the first, then Jimena started showing a little interest also, then she was actually the one that talked Brayan into doing it this week.

Today we are going to go to Presidents house for dinner at around 8. We are going with a guy named Alan, he is 22 and going to school here in Monterrey. We are going with some of his friends, hopefully two will go.

This morning we went to the gym (there is a member in the ward that lets us go to his gym free) and after we went to eat breakfast with a sister in the ward. She loves us. She made us salsa en queso with churrizo and eggs with beans (what a surprise). Later she stared making us pancakes, and she made us some cinnamon tea. We ate the pancakes with Jam and condensed milk. It’s been a good day.

Good luck everyone!!

Elder Waite

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