Sunday, November 6, 2011

October 3, 2011

¡¡¡¡¡¡¡HOLD ON!!!! Who is this guy that Hannah went to Homecoming with?? I've never seen him before. He looks a little like a thug, but Hannah looked happy enough. At least she had fun. Who did the football team play for homecoming? Did they win? Hope so. Hannah did you win at your game. Are you still running cross country?

Mom, that’s cool you went to Aunt Ann’s. I would like to get to know Seattle sometime. I have actually started to tell people that I am a Seahawks fan because they always ask me what team I like in football and they don’t know any college teams... the thing is I'm not sure I've ever even watched a full Seahawks game in my life. I have been thinking about Aunt Ann lots lately. She wrote me a letter, I hope everything goes well.

I loved every bit of General Conference, and am glad I am on a mission - otherwise I would have left the Priesthood session feeling about a foot tall. They talked really really strong (cough ...Elder Holland) but it was good because I left feeling very determined to do lots better in every aspect of life. I have never considered Elder Holland as one of my favorite apostles, which is weird because lots of people really like him. But now as a missionary we hear lots of things from him and I heard him on thanksgiving last year in the MTC so now he has a special place in my heart. I know we shouldn’t have favorites but now he is definitely up there. In case you are wondering my favorites are Elder Perry and Elder Oaks. Speaking of Elder Oaks the Sunday afternoon talk from him was amazing, that guy is pure doctrine. I didn’t get to hear Elder Perry.

We couldn't go to the Saturday sessions unless we had investigators. We had lots of people tell us that they would go with us but nobody did. Les dio flojera. Sunday we had a baptism planned, her name is Rosa. She thinks she is our mom, which is kind of creepy sometimes because she says weird stuff, but she feeds us all the time so it’s cool. She didn't want to get baptized but she finally consented and now she calls us her little angels (even more weird). We actually had two baptisms - the other was Vanessa, she is the one I told you about a while ago whose parents never let her get baptized. She is actually the niece of Rosa, and sister of Janeth who is the wife of Cesar (probably my coolest baptism). Vanessa doesn't live in our area but was always with Janeth when we taught her, so she comes here. Her mom works in our area, about 2 blocks from the church so she always comes to church here. Sunday the mom went to work but they told her there wasn't enough work for her so she got fired. She came to conference in time to hear President Monson... She felt so good after that she asked me what we would have to do to baptize Vanessa that day. Conveniently our Zone leader was right there and interviewed her and she got baptized also (THANK YOU PRES MONSON!!). I hope the mom will get baptized next week. It was a cool experience.

My time is running short which is a shame because I'm sort of in a typing mood. One last thing, Pres Romney has told us that it would be cool if you guys could write a letter to some of the recent converts, I have been thinking about this a lot with Cesar and family. This would be a great help to them because of the challenges that they have (by the way I have already invited them to the house when I come home). The battle that Cesar is having with the Word of wisdom is just starting and I know a letter would help him in the tough times. I was wondering if you could write them a letter with your testimonies or something in it. Their names are Cesar Roman, Janeth, Ares (7.5 years), Randy (3?), there is a baby but I don't remember his name. I would really appreciate it.

Thanks for all you do for me. I really love you guys. THANKS FOR THE PICTURES!!!!! I´ll wait for more... maybe from the hike or something.

Elder Waite

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