Sunday, September 18, 2011

August 21, 2011

Hello Family!!!
Wow it’s great to hear from you guys!! Sounds like you had a legit time as usual at the fair, I really miss that. This week has been another in the work. Pretty good. We confirmed Arturo and were supposed to have a baptism of Carolina (she is the girl in the red with Elder Puentes). She didn't get baptized because her mom couldn't come. The family are Mariachis and they got called last night and had to work all day, but next week she will get baptized. We have 2 other baptisms this week planned; the same girl I told you about last week and also a daughter of a recent convert named Brisas, she is 15. She came to church yesterday with her dad and I asked her if she wanted to get baptized and she said yes! Just like that. Danny is her dad. He owns a car paint shop and usually buys us drinks if we go over there. We did some service with him this week, we washed the inside of a brand new Honda accord. I wanted to drive it so bad. That is a really quick resume of what we have been doing this week.
I will do the best to explain how we baptized Chema, the man without any legs. It wasn’t that complicated, we had a few ideas about how we could do it but what ended up happening was we put him in a chair and carried him down into the font. I was the one who said the prayer and our ward mission leader was in the water with us. He had his hands normal with mine in front of him so he could plug his nose, and when I finished with the prayer I put my hand on his lower back. The other guy who was facing me then basically picked him up off the chair (his arm was a little below mine and the other was a little above) we moved forward (away from the chair) and then went under the water by bending our knees and leaning forward. It wasn't easy because we were battling with space also, the font isn’t that big. Then we put him on the chair again and carried him out.
I am sending you some pictures. The guy without the tooth is our district leader, Elder Morby. He was eating and his tooth just cracked so they shaved it down and made an ugly mold to go over it poor guy. One is when Elder Puentes tried to steal a pizza delivery bike (these guys that deliver pizza are crazy here, weaving in and out of cars and going at red lights and everything (I've seen some try to wheelie but they are pretty sad). The blurry one with the people in the costumes is of the matachines (I think that’s what they are called). They dance for the virgin & they were practicing. Every part of the city has a group. There is a big festival and they all go dance.
Well, that’s all for this week. Good luck with school starting, that’s pretty crazy. Glad I don't have to do that for a while.
Elder Waite

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