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August 15, 2011 -- email

Hello Hello!!
How is everybody doing??? Thanks for all the birthday wishes everybody!! Birthdays are weird. It’s so strange to think that I am not a teenager anymore, I still feel like one. I am really sorry that I haven't written very much lately. We've been busy, playing hard and working harder. Last week we had a zone activity and went to Americas Incredible Pizza, it was a riot. It is all you can eat food, and two hours of playing arcade games for 200 pesos. I didn't think I would like it that much because I've never been much of a fan of arcade games but being with everybody made it fun, there was also mini golf, laser tag and go karts. There was a lot to do. This week we played soccer and because it was my birthday, the people in my district stayed and ate pizza.
Alright, enough with the stuff we do for P days... I have some legit news for y'all: I got a new comp!!! I'm now senior companion.. My comps name is Elder Puentes, he is really cool and a great missionary. He is from Utah, but his parents are from Uruguay and Peru. This has been the best two weeks of my mission so far. I have never felt satisfied or content like I do now, and the Lord is blessing us with our efforts. This week we had a baptism, his name is Arturo, we were just walking down the street and he talked to us. This is the first person of gold that I have had I'm my mission, he was ready. I would have loved to baptize him because any time the missionaries have seen him I have been there but we decided to give the chance to the guy that was baptized the first week I was in this area, Pablo. Pablo is a little guy and Arturo is a big guy, but he got it done. The first lesson with Arturo, he told us that he works on Sundays, so for the next 15 minutes we read about how the Lord blesses us if we keep the Sabbath day holy and all that jazz, and then invited him to do it. I don't think we needed to waste our breath because he accepted to go to church. It was the same way when we invited him to be baptized, and he said to us later that the reason is because he has seen missionaries a lot and has always thought that if we are giving up our time to invite people to change then it must be worth it to make the change. He is legit, he doesn't have work but he sells books in a Mercado by his house on Sundays. We promised him blessings for going to church and getting baptized, and last Friday Pablo called us to tell us he found a job for Arturo. To be a part of this change in the life of Arturo has been amazing. I have seen the hand of God acting in behalf of another one of his kids. The picture is of Arturo when he got baptized. His son is there, and also Pablo the guy that we baptized the first week I was here. Arturo is the bigger one.
We have found another couple of miracles; Carolina – 8 yrs old, and Frida – 9 yrs old. They live in different parts of town but their story is a lot alike. We were knocking doors and found them. Both of them have family in the church that are less active, and they both have always said that when they turn 8 they were going to get baptized. Carolina should get baptized this Sunday and Frida during the next week. Frida's whole family are members, they just have to work on Sundays so they inactivated themselves. They have been thinking about going back to church and having Frida get baptized, all it took was for us to be there.
Don't worry about us in Monterrey, the heat doesn't seem so bad, I was expecting it to be hotter. Everybody talks about this time of year as being a killer, I was thinking 115 degrees and stuff like that but I don’t think its broke 110 yet. My poor comp is dying, he just came from the offices as materials secretary with AC, and they didn't leave to work til 5 in the afternoon.
Sorry I can’t send pictures right now, something isn't working with the computer that I am at. I hope to send you more next week. I'm getting excited to open my presents tonight. I opened a deodorant already. Thank you so much, my comp probably thanks you more. Sounds like you are all having a ton of fun with the fair and everything, I will miss that. ood luck, and I expect to see some pictures. I love you guys.
Elder Waite

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