Saturday, July 16, 2011

June 20, 2011 -email

Well hello Family!

 Happy Fathers Day DAD!!! I hope everything went well, and you got some good treatment, maybe some good food or something like that. We got some food from one of the parties, a soup with beans, chile and skin from pigs as an appetizer and after that we had pollo asado.
 I hope you are all doing well and am happy to hear that everyone is doing good with the changes that have taken place in the house lately, I'm a little jealous of all the hiking that's going on over there. We walk a lot but it’s not the same...
 I've got some really good news, my comp and I are getting along wonderfully, and I'm pretty sure you could call us friends. However, it’s a little too late because we have changes today, they will call us tonight and tell us if we are staying together or if someone is going.  I really have no idea what might happen, I don't feel anything like I did last time. Who knows, one thing I've learned and felt lately is whatever happens it is the Lords will.
 This week we were stood up by many people who were supposed to come to church and for appointments in general. It has been a rather weird week; there have been lots of other things that we have been doing outside of our area with the zone and district leaders.
 Good to hear about my new cousin.  Uncle Greg sent me pictures. The whole family looks pretty happy. When I first skimmed through the email I saw the name Lucy and for some reason I thought you were talking about that white cat that Grandpa Wadsworth used to have.  Glad to hear it’s something that is a little more important. There aren't going to be any good names left by the time I start my family because everyone has already taken most of them. If you could congratulate them for me I would appreciate it.
 Good luck with everything, especially you Mariah, and Hannah and Maren and Ainsley and Hallie and Sadie and Janie and Mom and Dad.
Elder Waite

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