Tuesday, July 19, 2011

July 19, 2011 -email


Well Saturday I got my birthday package!!! And the debit card was still in there. Thanks for that present Sadie, that the card was disguised in. It was a really good week, and today should be a really good day also. We don't have anything planned so I hope maybe I might get a nap in. Saturday we had the annual house checks, we got to see Hermana Romney. She was the one who brought me the package. Thanks so much for the raisins. I didn't realize how much I miss them. The coolest thing I have seen so far is the Jesus the Christ book. I look at all the names in there all the time and just think how cool it is that that book has been all over the world and has been with people doing the same thing the whole time. Thanks for sending that.

I'm going to tell you a spiritual experience that happened in our district leader’s area. I was on divisions with his companion. We went to an appointment where the day before they had showed them the Joseph Smith movie. We went, started talking to them about the movie, answered questions about it, and they started to ask about the Book of Mormon. I love it when people ask us about the things that we teach about, especially about the BOM. We decided to read 2 Nephi 32 about the Holy Ghost. It was really cool, as soon as we started reading the kids who were rowdy and screaming calmed right down, and one of them fell asleep. It was sort of funny, but neat at the same time. I think they were feeling the Spirit. I know the Mom and her daughter that was still awake felt something. They accepted the invitation to be baptized and to go to church and to read and pray. It is amazing what the spirit can motivate people to do.

Not much else to say this week... my arm hurts because I just played foosball with my companion for about 45 minutes. I hope you are all doing good and keeping your testimonies strong by action. Good luck with all you are doing.


Elder Waite

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