Saturday, July 16, 2011

June 27, 2011 -email

Hello Family,

First things first... Happy Birthday Janie!!! I hope you had a good one, I sang you a song in my head on your birthday. I would have done it out loud but my companion thinks I'm crazy anyway. And yes, we are still together.  I guess it’s the Lords will. Things are starting to go downhill again, but I appreciate him still and I have got to know him a little better lately. He was raised by his mother, his father was assassinated because his grandfather was a Narco (Drug dealer). Just some interesting tidbits for you.
Thanks for sending the package with my card. Speaking of that kind of stuff, I took out 500 pesos earlier last week. I will do everything possible to tell Sister Romney to email you as soon as she gets it. If you could, give my congrats to Cache and his Family and tell him good luck. So the Swensons are living in Ralphs house? Where did Afton go? I am glad to hear about the lesson going good Mom, it’s true the manuals are written for a worldwide church, the church is huge here but still many people aren't as sure with the gospel stuff as some of the others. I am glad to hear you are receiving revelation.
Yesterday we got lucky and a girl that we had been talking to came to church, it had been about 3 weeks since we had seen her, but it turns out her friend that is a member invited her to go again. Her name is Fatima she is 13, she lives with her mom and grandparents. They aren't too excited about her being baptized but she knows it is the right thing to do. It’s cool to see the people show their faith once they get a little bit of a testimony. The thing is, they have to get a testimony of the right thing.
Anyway I hope you are all doing well, I love you all.
Elder Waite

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