Monday, June 20, 2011

May 16, 2011 -email

Hello Family!!

Well like what I said to you on Mother’s Day, I got changed!! Pretty cool, I am now in a ward called Morelos 1 and it is a completely different life, but I like it. When we get changes the zone leaders call and tell us what is going on at around 9:30 the night before we leave, and then we have to be at the bus station at 830 the next morning. At about 6 on Monday President called me…a little startling…and told me in person that I was getting changed. He didn't tell me where he just said that I would be getting a companion that I would learn lots from. I'm not going to go into more details about what he said, but it was sort of a warning call. And now that I have been with him I know why. He is a very good missionary and has exploded this area. We live with another companionship, which is sort of fun. During the day I never speak English and rarely in the night.

I am excited for this change here. I am learning so much more in every aspect of being a missionary in Mexico. I am sending some pictures of where I study, where my clothes are, outside the window from the study room, and of a bird that was in our house last night. I might be able to write you more later...  If not goodbye.

Elder Waite

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