Monday, June 20, 2011

January 29, 2011

January 29, 2011 – Letter received May 7th (14 weeks later) – retyped by Eve
                I’m here in Mexico and I’m safe.  Monterrey is sweet.  We flew in last night around 6:30.  Our president met us there and took us to the mission home.  We had our last American meal.  I really like President and Sister Romney.  Monterrey is really clean, at least what I’ve seen so far.  Lots of American companies are here, and there are probably more American cars than any others.
                We are going to probably be put in temporary assignments for the next two or three weeks and then hopefully our more permanent assignments will come.
                I keep having lots of surprises.  That’s pretty much what my whole mission has been so far, but I’m glad to say they have all been good surprises. 
                I am already in love with Mexico, and Monterrey is probably one of the prettiest cities I have seen.  It is about 60 ̊̊ here right now, no snow, which is really nice for a change.
                I’m doing great and hope you all are as well.
Love Your Son and Brother,
E. Waite

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