Monday, June 20, 2011

May 16, 2011 -email from President Romney

Thank you, Bro and Sis Waite, for your letter and your concern for your son.  Let me first put you at ease and tell you that your son is doing very well. 

The warning call that I made was to let Elder Waite know that his companion had had some challenges in the past, had been changed from a senior to a junior companion, and that I was once again making him a senior companion.  I wanted your son to be aware of a few of his companion's past challenges to ensure they were not repeated. 

I am actually very pleased to hear that your son's companion is responding so well to the move to make him a senior companion again.  It sounds as if they are doing very well together.

I very much enjoy having Elder Waite in our mission.  He is one of those Elders that I anticipate will always be "part of the solution" as opposed to "part of the problem".  Thank you for sending me someone with such great desire and ability.

May you be blessed in all you do,

President Brent Romney
Mexico Monterrey West Mission

ps - I am unaware of any problem with Dear Elder.  It does sometimes take a while to actually get the letters in the hands of the missionaries.

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