Saturday, February 26, 2011

January 3, 2011 -email

Hello everyone!

How is everyone doing? How was the New Years Party? We didn't party it up to much here, actually we didn't party at all... I was thinking about the riot we had last year, I hope you had as much fun as we all did then. Its been pretty weird here lately, I think that our MTC experience has been pretty different than most other missionary's, being in here for the three biggest holidays of the year is different. Its been fun and I've enjoyed it but I'm not sure we have been learning as much as we usually would. the past two weeks we've had lots of different teachers come in as subs, and because of the semester change all the teachers who are students are getting switched around also. Its been interesting.

This place sort of shuts down during holidays. The book store hasn't been open since Thursday, and the mail room has only been mailing stuff out for a couple hours every day, so none of us have gotten mail for a while. So i hope everything is fine on your end. The Book Store couldn't have picked a worse time to close, Friday and Saturday I was pretty sick with flu like symptoms. I think I ate something that wasn't cooked or something. I ran out of my pepto, luckily the front desk was open and they gave me pretty good supply. Fasting was pretty rough yesterday because I had pretty much been fasting the for the two days before also, I don't think there was a missionary here that was happier to see food than I was last night. However my happiness was short lived because while I was at dinner I saw E' Cox, he was supposed to leave today. I've been talking to him some and he told me that he has some health problems. Poor guy, I feel bad for him, so whenever you guys see him, just give him a big hug from me. he told me the doctor was sending him to Logan, and his fam was coming at 6, so i had to say goodbye to him. I'm better now, and feel pretty good.

No word as far as re-assignments go, I'm hoping for the Temple Square mission, but that is probably not going to happen. I'll be excited wherever I go.

Man I love you guys, it was good to hear your voices. Sadie acted a little scared when she heard my voice, that was kinda funny. Sorry I didn't get to talk to everyone.

Elder Waite

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