Wednesday, April 25, 2012

March 12, 2012

March 12, 2012

Hello Family,

It’s been a good week, two baptisms: Leti and Paola. They are real miracles. I love this ward - Everyone is so excited about missionary work and willing to help us. There are a ton of less active members and we already know two kids that are 9 that haven’t been baptized. We got to know them just by visiting random people. I am actually in the area where my first companion, Elder Davis was in, it was his first area. One of the kids we know is of a family that he baptized.

Elder Gonzalez is cool, we get along well, he is pretty relaxed and likes to laugh but sometimes he is serious and all the members always say, “What happened to the Elder Gonzalez that we know. That’s it for today!!
Elder Waite

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