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March 5, 2012

March 5, 2012

Hello Family,

I´m glad to hear you are all doing good. I was a little worried last week but I figured something like that must have happened... I am writing you from a new area... Obreras, Monclova, Coahila!!!  I am excited to be here. My new comp is Elder Gonzalez from Pachuca. Monclova is about 2 and a half hours in bus north west of Monterrey, it is a good sized city with two stakes (one zone for us). I love the ward - they are all so excited about missionary work. All of the past places I've been they have all been sort of sleepy or zombieish about missionary work, it is a pretty drastic change. We already have two people lined up for baptism this week, Paula and Leticia. And there is another family; the two kids got confirmed on Sunday and the parents (José and Guadalupe) are going to get married and baptized on Saturday. They have been going to church for 4 weeks I think. There are a bunch of other people that we have and lots of youth in the ward. I like the feeling of this place because everyone is youngish it’s a good change.

Our area reminds me a lot of Panaca, just a little bigger. I think it’s something about the color of the dirt or something - I really like it. It’s pretty hot, dry and windy. One day we got up to the mid 90's. There are horses and dogs running around everywhere, all the good ones have owners but the skinny ugly ones just roam around. We are on bikes, I was worried that I was going to get changed and was planning on buying a bike but Elder Morby was the last one here and he just went home and left his bike. It has a while in the mission so it’s pretty worn out. I think I'll just put some new breaks on it and stuff like that. He was my District leader in Morelos, if you remember from the pictures, he is the one without the tooth. Elder Gonzalez only has about 3 weeks in the area so we are lost everywhere we go. That's not a bad thing because we stop and ask directions from people and start to talk to them about the gospel, we have been able to find a couple new people that way.

The stake president invited us over for dinner last night and we were talking, turns out he was a missionary in Guadalajara at the same time Dad was. In fact he was born in 65 as well. I told him you were in the areas San Blas and Ajijic. His eyes got pretty big and he told me that he opened Ajijic. He is pretty sure you were serving at the same time but he would have had more time in the mission than you because he left when he was 18. His name would have been Elder Villegas, he also said he was Assistant to the President. I don't know if you remember him or have stuff that you could look for his name but that was something really cool that happened.

I have a lot to tell you but I think I'll stop here, just know I love you and wish the best. I have a favor to ask you... I bought some granola and realized how much I like it. I think that would be a pretty good food that wouldn't spoil in the mail. I don't know if you still make granola but if you did I would appreciate some, but I don't want you to stress about it.

Elder Waite

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