Monday, February 20, 2012

January 30, 2012

Dear Family,

I'm glad you enjoyed the tape. I think the story of The Little Engine That Could was a copy and they just changed the story a little or maybe it wasn't the original or something. I don't remember how the colors were and Elder Riley is far from here right now. I am glad that Janie enjoyed listening to me read it.

Thank you for your letters and mail again, they encourage me.

Happy Birthday Dad. I remembered - I promise. I wanted to send you a letter - I have had the letter written and everything for a while but just haven't had time to send it. It will be a late birthday present. Mom it’s not a bad thing that there isn't very much to write, no news is good news; I've decided that I'm happy as long as I am never bored.

I've been reading back in my journal lately (I wrote some of the weirdest things) but it’s cool to see the change that has happened in the past year. some of the things were really good. Keeping a journal has been pretty interesting. It’s kind of like studying yourself. I encourage you all to do it. I was also thinking a lot about the way you raised me. Thank you very much for all the sacrifice.

Maren, are you in 8th grade or 9th? Hannah, are you a junior now? That means Jr. Miss right? You've probably already started but keep me updated!!


Elder Waite

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