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June 4 - June 18, 2012

June 18, 2012

Dear Family,

The question about the songs, the director stands up and sings the first line everyone else just takes it from there. It is usually not very good, there is some general apostasy that goes on with lots of the songs where they hold some notes longer or sing the wrong ones. The funny thing is they do it every time, even with a piano that does it right. Yes, I do have a sweet bike, I should send you guys a picture. It’s a full suspension Next, not very high quality but better than the average Mexican bike. We put a lot of miles on our bikes - actually yesterday we were in one of the colonies that is furthest away from home and the ball bearings in my front wheel broke, it happened about 2 months ago but on the back wheel. It completely destroyed everything and I had to get a new housing also, so the guy will have to take all the spokes off and put the new one on. It should take most of the morning. I have now replaced all of the bearings that there are on my bike at least once, the ones on the pedals have gone out twice and are starting to make sounds again. The good thing is the parts are really cheap (and not well built at all) and we go to the shop so much that the guy doesn’t charge us for labor anymore. I have spent about 800 pesos so far. Last week I broke down and bought a new back tire and have gone a whole week without getting a flat.

Our address is Benito Juares #411. I can’t give much better directions than that. 

We are still struggling; we were able to put a date with an investigator this Saturday so she can be confirmed this Sunday before they go on vacation. I like this place but the people are different than in any other area I have ever been in. I have some great news, we will have a chapel here in November, the ground breaking is next Monday. 

That’s all folks
Elder Waite  

June 11, 2012

Hello Family!

Mom, don't be sad, I can’t go on the hike either this year.  What is the problem with Dad’s elbow?
Here are the answers to your questions:
What is your favorite food that you eat?  I like Mole Verde, it’s basically just watery salsa and meat
Are you learning how to make things so you can teach us when you get home?  The sisters don't let me help a lot so I’m not really learning, but I always ask them to explain how they made it and if it was really good I write it down.
Have you ever had the opportunity to play the piano? In my last area I practiced a lot (which was basically just relearning the stuff I knew) and I really want to keep practicing after the mission but in this area there is not even a key board.
Do you usually have someone in your ward or branch that can play the piano?  If there is they play very little.
Do they still use the red Spanish hymn book that Dad has?  No - they have a green one with a little over 200 hymns.
Where do you live?  What is the address? #? calle Benito Juares Col. Infonavit Los Nogales, García Nuevo León,66000.  It is a house that was just barely remodeled, basically everything like paint, tile, sinks and the toilet is new. I especially like it because right in front there is a park with a play ground and lots of big trees, so I can change my workout from just push-ups and sit-ups.
Are you in a branch or a ward?  Branch
How big is the town that you are in?  Tell us more about it. García was a tiny little town about 10 years ago and then they started making houses of infonavit which are big colonies that have houses that are about the same size and made the same. There are programs for people to get a house. if they have work and can pay the house off they will basically just give it to them. Most houses have one or two rooms with a small kitchen and diner.
How far away from Monterrey are you? About 40 minutes in car
Are you tan?  Burnt is a better word. I am wearing more sun screen and the days that I forget it I really burn.
Have you seen your package yet? No

If you talk to anyone from the office, could you ask if it has come?  yes
This week was bad. Nobody went to church, no baptisms and no confirmations. I felt we let the Lord down, however, like I said, we have been being super obedient...pride.

Elder Waite

June 4, 2012 -- Letter For the West Side Missionary Connection News Letter

Hello West Side Missionary's!

I hope that you are all doing fantastic in all the parts of the world that you are serving. I am doing fantastic in ol Mexico; however I am reminded all too often that my time as a missionary of Christ is getting shorter and shorter. I feel like I am just getting started and still learning everything I need to know to be a good missionary. I am mostly grateful for the atonement of Jesus Christ and know that if I do my best to teach people about Him then I will be doing what I should be. I also know that if I just be a good boy, keep the commandments and work hard to glorify God then all will be well.

I would like to share with you one of the greatest tools that I am learning to use: ¡La Sonrisa! Just smiling will let people know that the message we share is worth listening to and there really is a hope for a better world like it says in Ether 12:4. I know that the Book of Mormon is another powerful tool that we have; it testifies of the Savior lots better that we can, and lets the spirit work in the heart of the people. It is my hope and prayer that we can all lose ourselves in the work and let the work go forth as it should. I know Jesus loves us and that he lives.

Elder Waite

June 4, 2012


Well there doesn't seem to be very many questions to answer, so this may be short. I am doing well, so is my companion. I'm not sure if I told you his name last time, it is Elder Banegas. I am now pretty good friends with both the other Elders we live with, Elder Jackman from Orem (big BYU fan) and Elder Page from Hyrum who went to Mountain Crest. They are pretty cool guys and seem well rounded - both liking sports but also being able to talk about cool musicals. They are pretty amazed at Hannah’s abilities and I try to not tell them so much because Elder Page just started and doesn't have a girlfriend.

We had a baptism and it was super cool – a friend of one of the young men in the branch. We also had a miracle show up, yippee. I just saw a fire truck go by with lights and siren going. It seemed to be going as fast as possible (30 mph) - I'm so blessed to have better things to look forward to when I go home.

Thanks for all your support. Tengan la confianza que su hijo y hermano esta siendo obediente y trabajando duro.

Elder Waite

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