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May 7 - May 30, 2012

May 30, 2012

Hey fam,

I'm really sorry but it’s going to be a short one today. We went to the temple today. I have some cool news, I got changed to Garcia Nuevo Leon. I was sent there training and opening an area! I'm not having to do a lot of training though because my companion has 6 months on the mission. He just had visa problems so he has the hang of the mission, he is just trying to adjust to different rules. He is called Elder Banegas. We get along well. Opening an area is legit, it’s just like starting fresh and being able to be 100 percent obedient. We are sharing a branch with other missionaries, and we live with them so it’s a little different than opening an area. They were able to show us our house and the house of prayer and if I can’t find a colony I ask them at night, but other than that we are on our own. Garcia is cool with tons of cool people, we are really working hard. The dreaded fungus that comes from sweating to much is back in full force. It got to 113 last week, I’m pretty burnt.

I have been thinking about what I was going to say to you about priesthood blessings; however there haven't been many opportunities to give some here. There are times that we will give 5 in one day or other times when we won’t give any for a week.  I love giving blessings, I always ask my companion what part he wants to do (usually they always choose the first part, or if it isn’t for health I just ask if he wants to do it) they almost always choose to not do it. I usually hope this. I love having the chance to talk and know the things that I say are inspired, I've learned not to be afraid of silence and just let the words come. Being able to give a blessing is an automatic spiritual experience. I have tried to apply the principle of not saying anything unless I feel like I should say it, or if I know it will help someone, especially in the everyday conversations.

I hope you can all have a spiritual experience every day.

Elder Waite

May 21, 2012

Hello Family,

Happy Birthday Sadie! Thanks for writing Mom. I had no idea that there weren't chickens anymore. That’s cool that you have them again, I sure have missed real eggs and am excited for them when I go home.

I don't have a lot to say.  This week we confirmed (Viviana), baptized (Karyme) and have three people that will get baptized next week (Guadalupe, Brianda, Kiriel). The bad thing is that I might be changed. I'll tell you next week what will happen. Today we are going to have an activity that is mandatory that we go to because for the last transfer 60 percent of the areas in the zone were baptizing every week.

I thought about sharing with you something that I was really worried about before the mission: giving priesthood blessings.., I hope I remember to tell you more next time - we have to go now.

Elder Waite

May 14, 2012

Hello Family!

It was legit talking to you yesterday. I feel bad that we didn't invite Mariah to join in on the prayer with us because that was pretty cool. I really liked when Dad started speaking in Spanish. I am sending this email to Sister Waite as well, earlier the church email wouldn't let us send emails back and forth, however she sent me a email a couple of weeks ago and I responded so I don't think there is a problem least I hope not.

I was hard not to smile just hearing your voices. I had many things that I wanted to say to you and I forgot most of them, but I think I will share this: we had zone conference last week, it was President and Sister Romney’s last one. They still have a while left before they go but the next time they come here will just be for interviews. Sister Romney shared with us some of the things that Elder Bednar talked about with them alone. Sister Romney asked him what the Twelve and First Presidency were most concerned about, his answer was interesting and involves the members of the church. They are concerned that many people have really strong testimonies but of the organizations of the church, instead of having a testimony of the Savior. He said this is extremely important because of the things that are happening in this world right now - as an example, the fact that Mitt Romney will probably be the Republican candidate this year (is he officially?). Quoting E' Bednar, Sis Romney said "if that happens all hell will break loose." I don't really know what all that is supposed to mean (I doubt he was saying he didn´t want Romney for president, I think it has more reference that there will be many people attacking the Church and its members because Romney is LDS) or what to expect however I do know that a testimony won't get us through all hell, even a testimony of the savior. We need to be converted to him, which means 'laying down our weapons of rebellion' (Alma 23:5-8). When Sister Romney was telling us this, I was also thinking about the talk that Elder Eyring gave called Mountains to Climb - I agree with him and don't think that we should pray for the trials and tribulations that we need to prove ourselves but what an opportunity we have to be converted to the Lord. Lately there have been things happening in our family, and last year as well, that have kept all our family on their knees; these are not extremely joyful times but hopefully the same thing won't happen to us as happened to the Nephites time and time again: they fell away, not necessarily away from the church but from the Lord.

I feel lots better today. And I also have a new drive to be the type of missionary that everyone wants me to be.  I pray for your spiritual and physical protection.

Elder Waite

May 7, 2012

Hello family,

I am doing well. To answer the questions, it is true that there were three North Americans that went up the mountain, Elder Patterson is from an area close to ours and he was with us because his companion had to go to Monterrey to a doctor’s appointment. My companion is the one in the red and E Patterson is the one in the blue.

We had a baptism, it was a kid named Carlos, who is 9. His parents and Grandparents are members, however the parents are less active. 

We've been trying to get him baptized for the past 4 weeks but the parents are lazy and never want to go to church.  During the baptism the mom was so happy, it really called my attention. I asked her why and she told me because she knew that they were doing the right thing and it made her happy. It made me happy also. He asked me to baptize him; the water was freezing cold but it was a good break from all the heat that is going on here. We also have a pretty promising investigator family - they didn't go to church this week because the girl just turned 15 and had her quinceañera and had a bunch of stuff to do on Sunday. We are teaching the girl in English because she lived in North Carolina (it was actually because the mom talked to us that we got to know her, she doesn't want her daughter to forget English so she invited us to talk with her daughter) we haven't taught the parents or the other kids much but they all really wanted to go to church. The girls name is Maricruz.

We made bread while we were washing today, it was whole wheat. We actually changed our minds half way through and made cinnamon rolls, they turned out really good. 

I have started reading the bible this week. I just picked it up one random night and started reading in Genesis. It’s pretty interesting, I've read all of Genesis before, I think it’s the only book in the Old Testament that I have read complete. There are a lot of really cool things that I had forgotten. I've been surprised at how interesting it is, last time I read it, it was pretty boring. I want it to be said of me, as it was said of Noah, that I walked with God.

Well I'm just going to assume that you are going to call around 7 on Sunday unless I hear anything different. 

Have a sweet day.

Elder Waite 

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