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April 2, 2012 - April 30, 2012

April 30, 2012

Hey fam,

I did think it was weird that Mr. Summers didn't have the beard, he is bishop? Congrats Hannah on being FFA Vice President.  So poor Wyatt won’t have a house in Dayton anymore, you should tell his family to tell him he can stay at our house, can he stay in our house?

Today we had a great P-day activity. My companion and I, and another missionary went with three members of the ward, and climbed a mountain and made some potatoes with chorizo and beans. We explored and had lots of fun. The activity was legit and I realized how much I missed doing stuff like that, but it wasn't as cool as missionary work. Sorry I can’t write more but with the activity there is no time, I might be able to write you later.

I'm excited to talk to you guys on Mother’s Day. I think it would be cool to do Skype with all of us but I think that you have to pay for the three way thing. If you can find a time that is best for you and Mariah, I assume about the same time as the Christmas call last time but whatever is good. President will be ok with us calling another day if he knows the circumstances, so if you have questions you could call or email him. I am ok with just calling normally. I don’t want it to cost more money that is worth. The pictures are about when I made bread at a sister’s house with Mom’s bread recipe and the mountain today and a little scorpion that we found.

 Love you guys,
Elder Waite

 April 23, 2012

Hello Family!

For some reason I am a pretty happy guy today. We just got back from playing soccer. I still am not very good at it. I find the same problem that I did in basketball, I play to hard or rough, not necessarily with the other players but I kick the ball to hard and lose control.

I had a pretty cool allergic reaction this morning, I woke up and was jumping rope and doing pushups and I started feeling an itch on my back. I just scratched it and kept going. Pretty soon I felt a bump and just thought it was a mosquito bite. Then the next time I scratched it, it was bigger and spreading. I showed my companion all the mosquito bites that were showing up, then my whole back started getting extremely itchy and it moved to my chest and shoulders. I could basically see the spots starting to show. Most of them looked exactly like little bites. By this time I was worried and started looking for some medicine and called Sister Romney (who was really confused because I wash my sheets regularly, haven't eaten anything weird or bought any different kind of soap; everything was completely normal exept I haven't been showering with hot water). The best advice she had was take a shower and put some anti itch cream on. (I don't know if you guys remember the James Herriot story about the most beautiful horse in the country that had a reaction a lot like mine and he didn't know what to do. He gave the horse a random medicine and the horse was cured however promptly crashed to the ground. Ol Jim thought he had killed the horse. I was thinking about that and hoping the same wouldn't happen to me. I showered and put the cream on and it worked like a charm - it might have already been going away anyway but it worked which was all I cared about. I don't remember anything ever happening to me like that before and I've always thought that I've been really blessed to not be allergic to anything. As a precaution I washed my sheets, and put my mattress outside in the sun to kill all the animalitos that might live in it. (Mom - Is this newsy enough yet?)

You asked why we put a dress on Santos - because it was easy and fast. We did it because it is hard to change clothes for him.

Yes, I saw Elder Hemsley in the conference and he actually congratulated me for having a DYW for a sister (thanks to Uncle Greg I knew, I don't say that to tell you guys anything - you are very faithful writers and I appreciate it)

The mission conference was great. I didn't take very many notes because E Bednar told us not to (just like I remember he did in another conference that I heard from him). He didn't come and just talk, he had told us to study two talks that he had given previously, Learning by Faith and Ask in Faith, he wanted to know what we had learned from each of them. We commented and he expounded about what we talked about. Then he had a Q and A session. I felt admonished to have more faith in what I do and depend completely on the Lord and not in my own strength. He answered a question that I have had lately about revelation. I have felt that I don't receiver a lot of revelation, and at one time he felt the same also. He talked that revelation isn't the wow experiences that we have but the line upon line things that happen only and when we are working or doing the things that are necessary for the Lord and doing them with faith, very rarely should we receive revelation and we be astonished. Revelation comes through us for others, and it comes just when we are doing what we should be doing: keeping the commandments, being good boys and girls and honoring our covenants.

Answers - I don't know why we had to leave so early to get to the conference. I just think they wanted to avoid problems. The bus ride is about 2 and a half hours. On the way back the bus broke down and we stood on another bus for about an hour. No, I didn't take bedding - I used a sheet that was there and my bible for a pillow.

I'm sorry you feel weak Mariah ¡hechale ganas! Being weak is a sure sign of a missionary. It happens a lot here.

We had a miracle baptism this week. His name is Jaime. He wanted to get special permission to get baptized as soon as possible because he felt like he would die without it. It was cool, President actually gave him permission to get baptized without going to church before yesterday. Jaime is a little special but he is cool. I have had to learn to have lots more patience from teaching him.

Gotta go. Love you guys. Congratulations everybody for being awesome.

Elder Waite

April 16, 2012

Hello Family,

I imagine you are all pretty worn out from everything that is going on there. Happy Birthday Hallie and Nellie, Uncle Greg told me that Hannah won Distinguished Young Woman (Jr. Miss). That's pretty amazing. I hope you guys can send some pictures. It is pretty cool to have a sister that is a distinguished young woman. I hope you all enjoyed participating in that.

Elder Gonzalez left. They changed him and I got another companion from Utah. Elder Wadley he is from Eagle Mountain and lives right by the stake center where Eli got baptized... small world. He has a little less time in the mission than me but speaks Spanish better, I am his only English speaking companion that he has had. We have many differences, I am just glad that I am bigger than he is. I think we will learn many things from each other. It’s been a hard transition because he was senior comp, so we are both doing the same job. I am thankful that he wants to work and baptize.

We had sort of a tough week, not very many results showing for what we have been doing. We have been working really really hard. We do have people that are listening to us. Carlos, 9 yrs. - son of a member. Francisco, 9 yrs. - son or a member. Hector, husband of a member. Guadalupe, wife of a member. Maria, sister in law of a member. Abiga├Čl and Daniela, cousins of members, however we did not find them through members.

Tomorrow we are going to Monterrey; we leave at 3 in the morning. It is the only time in my time here that the whole mission will get together. We are going because Elder Bednar is coming!!! He is going to meet with us and the east mission. I am pretty excited, however we will "sleep" in the Zone leaders house with our district and parts of the other districts. That is the only down side but it really isn't a down side because we are going to listen to an apostle of the Lord. 

That's all for now.

Elder Waite
April 9, 2012

Sup Fam,

Not much time. I'm doing fine, changes are today, we'll see if there are any for us but I doubt it. I’m fine... again. We had the baptism of Lizeth and Santos, I thought it was a regular baptism but lots of the members that were there said that it was the most spiritual they had ever been to. I assume it was the faith that Santos has shown in everything that has gone down lately. I skimmed your email real fast for questions - the only one I saw was about school.  Yes I would still like to go to BYUI. I'm not sure what is necessary...

Here is a picture of the baptism.

Elder Waite

April 2, 2012

Hey Family and Especially Hallie,

That was a pretty sweet email that you sent Hallie. I am glad to hear you all enjoyed spring break. Sounds like a lot of fun. I am jealous about the fact that you went swimming. I think that might be the thing I miss most and if the weather is good I think that is what I am going to do one of the first days when I get back. However I really don't want to think about getting back right now because I am really loving life as a missionary.

We had a sweet week with the baptism of Lupita on Tuesday, we actually had interviews that same day so President came. It was sweet because we had another investigator family there, I think I told you about them last week. Santos(Father, 65, just had a stroke and lost function of half of his body, but is slowly getting better. He is in a wheel chair) Lizet (Daughter, 30, golden) Roberto(son 30, not quite so golden that he stops whatever he is doing to listen to us but he is a good guy) Girlfriend of Roberto(haven't seen her to much) Stephani (8 daughter of lizet). Santos Lizet and Stephani are all going to get baptized this Wednesday. I am so excited! Teaching them has been really cool, I have learned a lot from them. They are the type of people where we don't have to do a lot of work - we start the lesson, they ask questions, we answer the questions including the things that they need to know, they feel the spirit and like it. They went to church and loved it. Lizet is the type of person who felt so bad that she had to stay home and not go to all of conference, because she had to watch her dad, that she looked on internet and found the conference without us even telling her that you could find it on the internet. It was pretty neat because I found a lot of similarities in her character and faith that were talked about in the conference. In the priesthood session I was impressed about the attitude that we need to have about doing our duties... and that we need to do our duties. Basically I loved all of it... and left with a go get em attitude.

I hope you are all doing well. Hals, you really got me with the shopping joke, I didn't realize what you had said until I reviewed the letter you sent. There isn't April fools here :(

Elder Waite

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