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September 10 - September 24, 2012

September 24, 2012

Dear Family,

That is a pretty hard pill to swallow about Brother Sears, I'm feeling it for all of them, especially Clancey. I can't believe I won't see Murr when I get home. I was actually looking forward to talking to him. I'm sure you have but send them my love.

I was starting to wonder why there had been a lack of emails but I never lost the faith that you still loved me. I know what Monday disasters are all about, there are missionaries that call it ¨rest day¨ I just laugh at that, Mondays are usually the busiest day of the week...apart from Sundays, Saturdays, Tuesdays....and any other day of the week. This past Saturday we had a cool activity, the district received an invitation to participate in a clean-up project from the county, the neat thing was that more than half the people there were recent converts, investigators and missionaries. The branches out here really depend on missionaries because lots of members are really slacking. The rest of Saturday was taken up getting the baptisms ready. There were two yesterday Erika and Jorge (de la selva). Erika is about 30, her family are recent converts and she finally took the plunge (literally), Jorge is from the sisters area (the baptismal interview was super cool for him because he has a trampoline and I got to jump on it...he was also super prepared). About the sisters (speaking of Monday disasters) they are closing their area and we will be moving all the stuff they have to my house. That leaves just 4 missionaries in all of Acuna, it might be a little more boring however that also means much less work for me.

Another Monday disaster: the Zone leader came from Piedras Negras to do the interview for our area and left his camera so we had to leave at 5 this morning and go to Piedras Negras just for a camera, it wouldn't have been such a big deal but he sold it to his bishop and is going home tonight so he needed it today...sequences.
Is Mariah studying at home? Good Luck Hannah!!!! Ruby..I plan on running with you a lot when I get home. Hallie you are a twerp. Whining never helped anything Sadie, That’s cool that you practice the piano without being asked, ¨it is not meet that I command in all things.¨ I’m not sure who Jasmine is either.

Did you ever receive the peanut butter and the other letter that I mailed to Texas? Yes, thank you very much, but it’s almost gone  
I have some other letters to mail, but didn't know how that was going.  Did you ever get your birthday package? I haven’t gotten the b day package yet but they tell me it’s in the offices
If you only have one transfer left, should we not send any more mail to the mission home since it takes so long to receive it? I think it would be better to not send anything to the mission office

Thanks for all you do, remember the two great commandments... Love God and love your neighbor.

Elder Waite

September 17, 2012

Good Afternoon Family,

I hope you are all doing well. I received some letters and DE's because we had interviews. I really love interviews; they seem to give me the energy I need. I feel really far away from everyone, especially President and Sister Swapp. Something happened that I never thought I would be doing in the mission... I went bed shopping, with President Swapp, always a good experience. The good thing is that I have a new bed frame that isn't in the shape of a v anymore. The elder that was here before me broke it....

Olaaaaaa familia waite aun no les conosco personalmente pero se ve que son muy chidos :D por cierto su hijo es genial :D i ia me voy jaja -- That was from my comp... he is going home soon. Today we are in Monclova, he came to see his converts. It’s hard to not stop by and visit all my converts as well. That’s ok, my time will come all too fast in 7 weeks.

They celebrated Independence Day on Saturday, legit party except it was raining. 
I've been studying about being the people that we need to be instead of just doing the actions, there is a talk in the May 2011 Ensign from Elder Robbins that talks about it. I talked yesterday in church and talked about the same thing, I hope the branch doesn't hate me now because I talked a little strong to them.

I really love you guys. I hope to hear from you!!

Elder Waite

PS - I haven’t received the birthday package yet but they tell me it is in the you can stop stressing mom...Thanks!

September 10, 2012
Hello Family,

Mom! Happy birthday!!!! I was thinking about you all day yesterday. I hope they treated you well and you had a good day yesterday.

I am super sorry for not writing this past week. Sorry again because this week it’s going to be a short one. I am doing great. We had a baptism on Sunday. It was for Evaristo, he is a very good person, he reminds me a lot of dad in his way to do things and think. It has been a long ride (6 Sundays going to church) but he finally made the decision to get baptized. He wanted to wait for his wife but she is going to take even longer. I had at times wanted to drop him; however he is the type of real growth that the church is looking for at this moment. We are being told to baptize people who really are going to keep progressing and actually stay in the church. I feel like most of those that I know are pretty good but there is room for improvement.

This change I am having to kill (be a companion to a missionary that is going home) a missionary, and in my district there is one other that is going home this change as well. It is super hard right now to keep focused and to try to keep everybody working. I just think of the Savior, and imagine a little of what would have happened if he would have given up at the final hour.

Here is my travel itinerary, I am sending it to you so that you can figure out what time they will release me (I'm telling you this because they told me to).

Elder Waite

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